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The Capital Krav Maga beginners courses are 4-week introduction courses, they are specially designed for complete beginners to Krav Maga. The course is delivered by our fully qualified instructors who have many years of experience taking beginners and providing them with the skills they need to defend themselves. Krav Maga is for both men & women of all ages, no previous training or fitness level is needed. This is an ideal introduction to Krav Maga self defence.

Why we run beginners courses?

During the past number of year we have found that the beginners’ course is the best way to introduce new people to Krav Maga. It gives you the opportunity to be part of a group of fellow beginners and learn at your own pace. It also give the instructor the opportunity to focus fully on your needs as a beginner. 

During the course you will learn the most important self-defence skills needed to protect yourself and your loved ones, these include the general principles of Krav Maga as well as striking skills and fitness drills. Following on from the course you will be ready to transition straight into our regular weekly classes to continue your training.

Some of the techniques included in the course include:

  • Striking
  • Defending Chokes & Headlocks
  • Defending Punches
  • Defending Knife attacks